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SmartXide dot laser
Additional close-up photos of what you can expect from SmartXide dot®, the manufacture of our fractional laser. Notice the smoothness of the skin in t... more

SmartXide dot laser
This photo was from the manufacturer of our laser, SmartXide dot®. The treatments are relatively standard, so you can expect results like this from us... more

SmartXide dot laser
Close up results from fractional CO2. Fractional CO2 is more invasive than the Fotofacial® but much more effective. It’s not painful if you choose to ... more

SmartXide dot laser
Dr. Yoho had fractional laser resurfacing in Pasadena (Los Angeles 
area) with the SmartXIDE dot laser three times in 4 weeks. His  more

SmartXide dot laser
The fractional CO2 laser is a new technology as of about early 2008. We had ours by the spring. This laser is really an advance, and it uses the same ... more

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