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Breast Implantation / Augmentation
Approximately 3 months post operation. A very nice result with a natural breast shape that can be seen best in the side and oblique views.

Breast Implantation / Augmentation
This woman in her mid 20’s has had no children, her breast were small but proportionate. She came to Dr Yoho with a desire for a D cup but liked the o... more

Breast Augmentation: belly button, Breast Implantation / Augmentation

Procedure performed through the belly button with no scars on the breast. This is referred to as transumbilical breast augmentation (los angeles /... more

Asian descent, Breast Augmentation: belly button, Breast Implantation / Augmentation
Transumbilical breast augmentation Los Angeles or "belly button breast augmentation." 43 year old asian lady from Los Angeles, breast enhancement with... more

Breast Implantation / Augmentation
This cosmetic surgery patient is a hispanic lady in her mid 40's from the Visalia / Hanford / Fresno / Tulare area. She had silicone implants, placed ... more

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