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Breast Implantation / Augmentation

This 45 year old mother of two from the L.A. was unhappy with how her breasts looked after having her children. She came to see Dr. Yoho at his Pas... more

Breast Implantation / Augmentation

This 42 year old woman has had three children all of which she breast fed. Before kids she was a 34B, after nursings her breasts became saggy and d... more

Breast Augmentation: belly button, Breast Implantation / Augmentation
This Los Angeles area woman came to our Pasadena office with the request that she have breast enlargement/implant surgery. We went through the process... more

Breast Implantation / Augmentation
Approximately 3 months post operation. A very nice result with a natural breast shape that can be seen best in the side and oblique views.

Breast Implantation / Augmentation
This breast implant case consisted of saline implants inserted through the armpit using an incision that was placed about as high up in the armpit as ... more

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