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Please read "Choosing Your Breast Implant" by Judy Brandy-Yoho for more detail, as well as the summary below.

When planning breast augmentation, breast implants (enlargement) in the Los Angeles or Fresno, Bakersfield areas, there are several decisions you'll be making. We will help you fully understand the following breast implantation issues when you come in for your consultation.

Two companies currently make breast implants in the U.S., and their implant shapes aren't exactly the same. We will choose your implant based on your chest size, breast shape, and individual goals. Dr. Yoho offers both silicone and saline (salt water) implants. Saline is less expensive, but many women believe that silicone is softer and more natural. Silicone implants are available for our Bakersfield, Simi Valley, and Los Angeles breast enlargement patients, but some guidelines must be followed.

Breast Enlargement Considerations

In addition to implant type, there are many other choices that go into creating an attractive breast augmentation result, including:

  • Breast implant Profile "High profile" implants have a smaller base, are great for women with smaller chests, give more projection and lift, and "ripple" or show less. Lower or medium profile implants are better for women with larger chests. There's a "teardrop" implant also, but this is designed to sag right away and we don't like them for our Los Angeles and Visalia breast enhancement procedures.

  • Breast incision Placement Most of our Los Angeles breast augmentation patients choose to have their implants inserted through the belly button. Our patients like having no scar on the breasts (and usually no visible scar anywhere), no cutting of the breast tissue, and less post-operative pain and bruising. But this is patient preference, and an incision can be in the armpit, around the nipple, or under the breast.

  • Breast implant Sizing We start by filling bras with sample implants and trying them on you, so you can look in the mirror and see how you feel. We proceed slowly from smaller to larger. You might think a B cup looks great if you are currently an A, but this may not be the best. We have you try on the whole size range up to ones that are too big. As you work with us, you will be able to tell how you feel about each breast size. Don't focus on the cup size or the exact implant volume: think about how you look and feel with the implant in your bra underneath your choice of clothes or bathing suit.

  • Textured versus Smooth Implant Surface This is usually physician preference, but we will show you what they are like. We mainly use smooth.

  • Cleavage Wider or bigger implants will give you more cleavage, but they may stick out in your armpit, which can make you look fat. This is an important decision that we can help you make. The implant must be centered under the nipple, or sometimes a little higher.

  • Under versus Over the Muscle The majority of implants are under the muscle today because the muscle disguises the implant.

Preparing for Your Breast Enhancement Procedure

We will show you how the saline implant that's flat like a taco can be rolled up like a taquito and inserted through a tiny passageway from the belly button up under the breast. It's then inflated through a removable tube. Size difference in breasts can be adjusted by filling the implants a bit more or less. The silicone ones, on the other hand, must be squeezed in through a bigger hole and their size is fixed at the time of manufacture. If you have differently sized breasts, we must buy the exact silicone size prior to the procedure.

We have to examine your breasts carefully to see how they will respond to implants, and determine particularly how close they match. Remember, they are sisters, not twins. Although we'll try to match them, the more different they are before surgery, the more different they will be after.

If our approach to breast enhancement makes sense to you, we invite you to request a free consultation with Dr. Yoho today. If you are considering breast augmentation in the Fresno or Los Angeles areas, Pasadena cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoho would like to meet face to face with you and answer all your breast implant questions.

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