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Cosmetic Surgery Education Center features over 1000 photos and text pages about liposuction, breast implants, face-lifts, eyelid and hair restoration. Dr. Yoho is located in Pasadena, California in the Los Angeles area and has also expanded to a new location in Visalia, California.

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Why choose Dr. Yoho? Compare our results on this 1500 page website with anyone’s, anywhere. With over twenty years of experience and great results, we have a practice that is 95 per cent by patient referral. Qualifications? He passed the boards in Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgery and is also board certified in Emergency Medicine, the American Board of Medical Specialties, and additionally will be President of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery in 2012. Your safety and outcome are in outstanding hands. Also, general anesthetic is not used. Our patients say they have smooth gentle sedation with no memories. And they say that Judy Yoho's nursing care is the best thing about the whole experience. Click here for more information.

Why Choose Dr. Yoho?

More than 90 percent of Dr. Yoho's patients have either been referred or are satisfied returning patients wanting another procedure. Review the doctor's credentials, learn about cosmetic surgery procedures, and discover your financing options.

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Where is Dr. Yoho's Office?

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoho serves Southern California including Los Angeles, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Visalia, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

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Dr. Yoho has performed roughly 10,000 liposuction cases during his career, making him an international expert at this procedure. We have hundred of pages of “before” and “after” liposuction cosmetic surgery photographs on this site, categorized by ethnic group, and many descriptive pages of text about this procedure. We have not been impressed with fads such as laser liposuction, Smart liposuction, or ultrasonic liposuction.


Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in America today. Bags under the lower lids can be removed, and the skin shrunk with the laser if necessary. In certain cases, skin removal is performed. Also, skin of the upper lids can be carefully removed and stitched in the eyelid crease, where it doesn’t show. Since the skin is so thin, the scar generally vanishes. Dr. Yoho uses the CO2 laser for most of his incisions in order to decrease bruising and swelling.


For many patients, simple liposuction of the area underneath their chins is enough to make a huge difference in their appearance. This costs much less than a full facelift. For young people, the skin shrinks to fit and the results are generally very pleasing. For those of us over 40, often this procedure is the best choice also.


This procedure is one of the most satisfying procedures we have for male patients. Many times Los Angeles male patients have been ashamed of their “man-boobs”, for many years. Procedure time can be as short as a half hour. The recoveries are generally modest and complications rare.


Dr. Yoho’s experience with hair transplant includes having his own hair transplant. His technicians who assisted with his hair transplant (see before and after pictures) are on call to help with your transplant as well.


Dr. Yoho has developed a new line of special skin care products designed to help keep normal skin looking at its best. For problem skin, pigment problems, large pores, and oily qualities can be improved. He has incorporated many of the most effective over-the-counter ingredients found in some of the finest skin lines in the world.


Dr. Yoho has had great success with external vaginal rejuvenation, including transplantation of fat to the areas that may have lost the fat and also improving the labia where they are too prominent and stick out too far. These cases are very individual and need to be planned carefully depending on patient preferences.


Dr. Yoho offers transgender patients hair transplant to bring their hairline down to a more feminine location and breast implants. Other services include liposuction and fat transplantation, which can produce a more feminine figure with more rounded, fuller buttocks. Additionally, facial fat transplantation can produce much more youthful and in many cases feminine faces.


Dr. Yoho’s breast surgery results speak for themselves. Click here to access photographs and click here to access information about how the breast augmentation process and choices are made.


There are many types of facelifts performed in America, from “thread lift” to a “mini facelift” to more major and invasive procedures. Dr. Yoho’s facelifts are meant to produce natural results and more modest recoveries and be minimally invasive. He will work with your face and your desires to design an approach which is right for you.


The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a bigger procedure, requiring longer recovery times, but can produce excellent results for the right individual. Read Dr. Yoho’s commentaries about abdominoplasty to get a better feel for this cosmetic surgery choice and understand why the “no scalpel tummy tuck” may be a better choice for you.


The new SmartXide DOT® fractionated CO2 laser is a wonderful recent innovation in laser resurfacing. This treatment is generally much more successful than Fotofacial®s for many patients, entail modest recovery times, and improve pigmentary problems a great deal. Some skin shrinkage can be seen as well. We also offer a range of other more and less aggressive treatments.


The newest vein treatments include foam injection of veins. These treatments can improve or even destroy your veins at low expense and with little to no downtime. They are safer than using full strength solutions.


Dr. Yoho offers Botox® and Dysport®, which are very similar products. These medicines help relax the lines of the face and can create the impression of a younger individual. They can also lift the brow: this is a very pleasing effect for women.


Dr. Yoho offers proper placement of ears for people born with ears that stick out too far.


The modern cheek and chin implants are some of the most dramatic and beautiful cosmetic surgery results we offer. See Dr. Yoho’s photographs examples. These implants can all be placed from inside the mouth.


These fillers may make dramatic improvement for people whose faces have lost volume. They can flatten the fold between the upper lip and the cheek, or make the lips fuller. These three products all are natural body substances called hyaluronic acid and don’t cause allergies.
Fat transplantation is another option, but it is a little more complex because of the surgical procedure involved.